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MICT - Mouvement InterCulTurel

Why are we called MICT?

"MICT" is the Ukrainian word for bridge.

MICT s also the acronym of our aim, wich is to be an intercultural movement, "Mouvement InterCulTurel" in French.

In short, we would like to build a bridge between France and Ukraine to promote intercultural dialogue through the prism of contemporary music art and other forms of contemporary culture.

Who we are

  • We are a small non-governmental organisation headquartered in Strasbourg, with members from France, Ukraine and many other great countries. 

What we do 

  • Promote Ukrainian and French culture in France and Ukraine
  • We support charity, but we are not about charity. 
  • We want to promote contemporary art, music and culture not traditional clichés in culture.
  • We do establish contacts between France and Ukraine,
    but we are not a dating agency

How we do it

With events such as:

  • Organising film festivals or film projections.
  • Inviting artists to expose in France/Ukraine.
  • Bringing musicians to play together.
  • Mixing the great sounds of French and Ukrainian DJs. 


If you want to know more about our association please contact us.


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