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Andrey Kurkov

Andrey Yuryevich Kurkov (Ukrainian: Андрій Юрійович Курков; Russian: Андре́й Ю́рьевич Курко́в) (born 23 April 1961 in Leningdrad, the Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian novelist who writes in Russian. He is the author of 13 novels and 5 books for children. His work is currently translated into 25 languages, including English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Swedish and Hebrew. He has also written assorted articles for various publications worldwide (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrey_Kurkov .)

DJ Derbastler

He’s a deejay, producer and musician: Ivan Moskalenko has stood at the forefront of Kyiv club culture, repeatedly represented Ukrainian art abroad and, on the whole, remains one of the city’s foremost guides when it comes to alternative music and art (Kyivpost.com)

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ivan.derbastler

In Ukrainian: http://extra-estrada.com/index.php?id=273&L=3


Perkalaba started their career 1998 in Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine) and at first played in local underground clubs Ska-Punk with slight Roots-Reggae influences. Later the band turned more towards their roots - Hutsul-music - and so they set out to conquer the world... The music of Perkalaba is inspired by various ethnic music from around the world, including various regions of Ukraine, such as Hutsul, Bukovyna and Zakarpattya. Other influences include the punk music of the Pogues' Shane McGowan, Element of Crime and from reggae such bands and artists as Bob Marley, Manu Chao, Skatalites. … Their music can be characterised as ethnic rock or hutsul ska punk.

More information on the group in English: http://perkalaba.com.ua/en/index.html

Yuriy Gurzhy

Yuriy Gurzhy was born in Ukraine and now lives in Berlin. He is a musician, DJ, producer and radio broadcaster. Together with Wladimir Kaminer, a successful author in Germany, he started the now legendary dance events known as "Russendisko". A series of highly original compilations followed, introducing the rest of Europe to the likes of Leningrad, Markscheider Kunst, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Zdob Si Zdub and Distemper, not to mention Gurzhy's own band RotFront, who produced a reworking of the Kraftwerk classic "The Robots". Since 2006 he has included hits from the Shtetl Superstars in his setlist.

More music and information from Yuriy and his projects: http://www.myspace.com/yuriygurzhy

More information about Yuriy in German: http://beta.russendisko.de/de/russendisko/ueber-uns/yuriy/biographie/



A new Ukrainian group from Kyiv – Mama Diaspora, with its participants Ingvo (Igor Sakach), DJ Derbastler (Ivan Moskalenko), Yuriy Gurzhy and Zhenia Didyk.



Ukrainian musician and a founding member of the Kyiv group "Mandry".

KYIV PROJECT "chomub.ini"

Musical project by Kyiv musicians Viktor Pushkar and Sergiy Okhrimchuk.



More information about Ukrainian independent music, arts and culture

You can find more information about music, culture and arts from the following blog link: http://extraestradamusicblog.blogspot.fr/ 

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