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Meeting with Andrey Kurkov

Writer of novels, children's books and screenplays

Successful Ukrainian author of numerous international bestsellers, Andrey Kurkov, born in 1961 near Leningrad has lived since early childhood in Kyiv. He has written numerous novels and children's books, as well as screen plays.  His works, written in the Russian language, have been translated into many languages, making him one of the best known writers in Europe and definitely one of the most famous Ukranian writers.

His satirical novels are filled with dark humour reflecting the wild times of the 90s in a Ukraine of transition.  His works often present a pathetic character, thrusted from a dead-end and mundane lifestyle into a tumultuous adventure involving shady characters of a chaotic and crime filled background.  His engaging style and seemingly trivial storylines have a tendency to deceive the reader into treating all his works as pure entertainment. A casual reader may not realise the depth of his penetrating view into the into Ukrainian society and his treatment of serious topics.

Meeting with the Novelist

The writer has just started a tour of France to promote the latest French translation of one of his novels: "The Garden of Otchakov." We at MICT are very happy to be able to bring this excellent speaker to meet with us in the context of the European guardian of democratic instituions with the support of the Ukrainian Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe.

Come to meet with Andrey Kurkov on Friday 3 February at 14h in the Palais de l'Europe Projection Room at the Council of Europe.  The discussion will be followed by a book-signing and you can purchase copies of his books on the spot thanks to the Librairie Kleber.  Andrey will continue his Strasbourg visit with a talk and a book signing at Librairie Kleber at 18h30.

Friday February 3, 2012 at 14h00
Palais de l'Europe Projection Room

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