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15.04.2015 12:58 Age: 3 yrs
Category: Music

19 avril 2015 - Valentin Silvestrov: Poetry and Music

19h30 - Eglise Saint Pierre le Jeune - 3, rue de la Nuée Bleue 67000 Strasbourg

Valentin Silvestrov is one of the most know contemporary composers from Ukraine. . His music is the ultimate conclusion of the great romance. Silvestrov is considered one of the leading representatives of the „Kyiv avant-garde" classical music scene, which came to public attention around 1960, which ran contrary to the conservative musical aesthetic (more information on him and background can be found here). An art center and Master-Class, based in Kiev, offers classical music written especially for the Ukrainian poetry of the great Ukrainian poet of the 19th century. The songs will be performed by one of the best Ukrainian soprano voice, Inna Galatenko, accompanied by pianist Oleg Bezborodko. The composer himself will travel to Strasbourg to present this series of works entitled "Poetry in Music".

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