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13.01.2015 00:14 Age: 3 yrs
Category: Projection, Conference

Projection of a film "Hollywood on the Dnieper. The Dreams from Atlantis"

To be shown on 13 January 2015 at the Projection Room of the Palais at the Council of Europe.

"Film by Oleg Chorny about one of the defence lines ... of the Ukrainian culture."(Mykhaylo Illenko)

Director: Oleg Chorny
Cameraman: Oleg Malovitsky

In the late 1950s, Sergei Parajanov arrived in the picturesque village Buchak Kanivschyni to shoot "Ukrainian Rhapsody" and since then it has become a unique place of the set - it removed a lot of movies that have become classics of cinema. Now in abandoned homes are a few "self-evacuees" and try to save what is left. History Buchak - a metaphor that Ukraine had to endure over the half century.

Facebook event and a poster of the event of 13 January 2014.

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